About The Poor!

I'm going to say a lot about the poor, because in the world there are millions of poor people! And I would like to help them. If you are with me like I said on my other page please leave a comment or just do IT!!! So we or you or everyone that wants to … Continue reading About The Poor!


How I Feel About Doing A Blog

Well I feel good that I am sharing my life, because there aren't many people to talk to so why not talk to the WORLD!!!!! When I first started my blog I was right into it, but then I gave it a rest, then I started it back up again, then I had another rest … Continue reading How I Feel About Doing A Blog

My School

My school is in the farm lands, its history was they had chickens, cows, well they still have chickens. and it is surrounded by farm land. I live close to my school. My school is small we have 200 people at it, but the school about 2 or 3 kilometresaway from us they only, I … Continue reading My School