Weather On A Farm

On a farm in winter it  gets really cold and rainy and icy oh and bit windy. I think when you live on a farm you need to get really warm clothes.

In summer it is still a bit windy, but it is a bit of warm wind. So in spring it is really pretty.

In spring its my birthday is, and I like spring because that is when there are lots of babies come in spring, that’s why I like spring. Also lots of flowers come out and bears come out from hibernation, and the best thing of all it is beautiful weather.

In autumn lots of leaves fill the floor of the grass or dirt, me and my brother love the leaves, because we rake up the leaves in a pile and jump into it, or we rake the leaves onto are trampoline and then bounce and bounce and jump into the pile of leaves.

My best season out of all of them is spring!


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