When I Do Gymnastics

I go to gymnastics, I learn how to do a cartwheel, handstand, splits, bridge and so on……. I’m going into the advanced levels.

I’m so exited, because I don’t think I know anyone. I know why I got into the advance levels, its all the practise I’ve done at home. My brother says that I am terrible at  it but Mum and Dad say I do a good job, so I got my brother in trouble.

I have a leotard that is all black. I think that when I am in the higher grade I will get another leotard. I would like a leotard that is blue and black like the one that is front picture.

I’m glad I do gym because when i found out that I was going into the higher grade, I had to stop circus, so all the practise at gym I’ll be able to do a lot more in circus.


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