The Books I Read

I like to read Roald Dahl books, I’ll tell you about what I have read. First the Twits, there is a man and a girl, they are dreadful, they eat bird pie! They catch the birds by putting this sticky glue on their tree. One day they caught kids but they got free by taking there pants off! Mr Twit was so angry at Mrs Twit that he pretended that mrs twit was getting smaller. And he said that I know how to make you bigger, and so he let her stretch.

And I also read the witches, so there is this little boy and he met a witch, and he had a grandma who told the little boy about witches, they have no toes, they don’t have hair and they always where gloves, because their hand is disgraceful! I also read the magic finger. That story is really short, so the girl has a magic finger and she casted it on here friends.

I’v read esoi trot and a lot of other books.


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